His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Joseph Mwongela, has joined the other Catholic Bishops and clergy in condemning the recent supreme court ruling that sought to allow the registration of organizations that support same-sex marriages in Kenya.

Addressing the media in his office at St. Augustine’s Secretariat, Bishop Mwongela has stated that this is against the African culture and the will of God. He has further said that, if this is allowed in society, the future of families and the mental wellness of people will be at risk.

“No parent will ever be happy if their child participates in such indecent acts. Where will they get children from? If they adopt, what morals will they teach them? We must protect the dignity of human beings and families,” he said.

Additionally, he urged the leaders, both political and religious, not to allow such acts in the society, describing them as indecent because, biblically, marriage is exclusively between a man and a woman.

He also advised parents to closely monitor their children’s behavior, guide them, and raise them with good morals, saying that some of these acts have been witnessed in schools and, if not properly handled, may affect the children’s future.

“If someone has chosen LGBTQ as a way of life, let him or her not force others to follow in his or her footsteps; they must stay away from the children,” he said.

Following its controversial February 2023 decision that permitted pro-LGBT organizations to be registered in the country, the supreme court has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Since then, political and religious leaders from all sides have criticized the ruling as a violation of Kenyan society’s values.

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