Small Christian Communities (SCC) play an important role in the formation of the Christian faith in the people of Kitui. The church in Kitui has taken a new shape that the faithful have come to realize and understand their pastoral role as the laity.

SCC meetings take place once per week. Members from the same neighborhood come together to share the word of God together and translate it to their lives hence living it. Members from the SCC have been doing great activities to promote pastoral care for the Sick, Aged, Orphans, etc.

Conflict remains a challenge to the families, especially those living in the same neighborhood, this makes SCC a place of reconciling members in the community thus peace and harmony prevail in the community.

Priests and religions play an important role in the growth of the SCC communities, through their encouragement people have started solemnizing their marriages in the SCC, this makes it to be less expensive and in return promotes vocations in the village. In the aspect of sacraments, the sacrament of Baptism is widely administered in SCCs, especially for the infant.

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