The youth office is the central coordinating office of all the youth activities in the Diocese and its headed by the Youth Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Paul Mutemi.  The youth programme in the diocese is designed to help young people get an all-round formation as they grow up.

The youth in our diocese are categorized under:
*Out of school (Senior and Junior) and In school (Young Christian Students) 

Senior Youth: For the senior Youth, faith is celebrated through various programmes. These programmes are meant to target various aspects of young people, including, Spiritual/ mental
formation, Social/ communal project and Income generating projects. 

Junior YouthFor the junior youth; faith is focused on preparing the young boys and girls for
growth of faith. This is done via various activities such as Sunday schools; offertory dancing; mass serving (for altar boys); junior youth music/ Drama/ ball games.

Youth programmesDue to the fact that most of the youth members are at home during the vacations (after closing schools in April, August and December) there are various activities planned in the diocese for them like ball games, music festivals, youth walk among others.

Upcoming events

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