The Vocations office was set up for the purposes of helping in undertaking formation processes in young people towards their different vocations.

 The office is headed by the Vocations Director, Rev. Fr. Edward Mulwa. He advises the Bishop and the Pastoral council on matters of vocations, as well as implementing decisions from the said offices

He is also responsible for the program for the seminarians (Diocesan); Vocations workshop which is held annually, including their formation, and studies. Additionally, he is in charge of the Diocesan seminarians’ yearly Vocations Workshop, which includes their education and formation. He also oversees the Pontifical Mission Society’s activities. Vocations Office also has a vocations commission which helps the Vocations Director in the formation of the Seminarians.

Vocations commission

  1. Very Rev. Fr. John Mwandi
  2. Rev. Fr. Edward Mulwa
  3. Rev. Fr. Peter Muvea
  4. Rev. Fr. Jeremiah Munyoki
  5. Rev. Fr. Benson Katua
  6. Rev. Fr. Cyprian Kaleve


The office is involved with:

  • Promotion of vocations in schools and parishes (Talks; rallies)
  • Organizing ordinations (Kwitya Mwana*), Ordination Mass)
  • Mobilizing Support for the seminarian
  • Co-formation of Seminarians in partnership with the seminaries
  • Organizing the Pontifical Missionary society meetings

Currently, we have 70 seminarians

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