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Bishops Office


The first responsibility of the Bishop is to carry out on the mission of Christ as an apostle, exercising the three fold office of Christ of sanctifying, Teaching and Governing. (Canon 375)

The Bishop is the successor of the apostles and is responsible as the head of particular church of shepherding the people of God towards the Kingdom of God. This takes the most part of His daily Ministry. Exercising his governing office, he counts on several organs, which collaborate with Him, in what refers to general administration of the Diocese. The Bishops office, as the central office carry’s out the following responsibilities:

  1. Co-ordinating and harmonizing the parishes various services and programmes.
  2. Facilitating the parishes.
  3. Liaising and interacting with the government and its agencies, NGOs as well as other faith institutions in the Diocese/Districts.
  4. Co-ordination of internal policies and interpretation of National policies of the Catholic Church.
  5. Promoting values and ideas of the Catholic Church to the grassroots that is in the parishes.
  6. Liaison with other diocese, institutions and relevant national and international bodies.
  7. To ensure that the mission and vision of the diocese are implemented fully.
  8. To ensure all the necessary information has been disseminated to the parishes.
  9. Advocacy and lobbying at diocesan policy Development levels imbued in the Christians.
  10. To co-ordinate communication between the Diocese and Kenya Catholic Secretariat.
  11. To ensure the Catholic Teachings has been taught and understood in the parishes and in the grassroots.
  12. To ensure that all the departments carries their responsibilities accordingly and to the expectations of the Diocese.
  13. Follow up appointments and approval of various Boards which help in running of diocesan institutions
  14. Follow up suggestion form the Board of consultors as well as trustees of the diocese.
  15. It acts as the link between the Christians and the Donors/Partners

Board of Consultors: Rt. Rev. Joseph Mwongela, Fr. John Mwandi,  Fr. Julius Muthamba, Fr. Benson Katua, Fr. Jeremiah Munyoki, Fr. Edward Mulwa & Fr. Jefferson Mutinda.