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Vicar General’s Office

The office of the Vicar-General is appointed by the Bishop. Currently, the Diocesan Vicar-General is Very Very Rev. Fr. John Mwandi who is also the Financial Administrator.


Priestly personnel and conduct matters, Parish matters, Education and institutions, Religious sisters and brothers, Consulting for headships, Partnership and Peoria mission office, Development issues & programs, Health Programs, Diocesan Communication, Friends of Kitui, Nrb Group, Pastoral department issues, CWA, CMA, Youth chaplains & activities. Development issues and programs (Finance), Finance matters and Muvothi, Health Programs (Finance), Construction and Shrine Initiative (Technical), Land issues, Judicial Vicar matters, Tribunal commission, New Diocesan projects, Follow up major parish projects (over 2M), PMS/PMC, Project proposal, Transport, Vocations. Boards: Finance, Bookshop, Pastoral Centre conference, vocations commission, St. Josephs, Mutomo Mission Hospital, Nyumbani village.