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Museve Shrine

On 14th April 1939 Fr. Peader of the Holy Ghost Fathers came to Museve with the one and the only student they had in Kabaa from Kitui, Gregory Malinga Kathenge. As a result of the visit, Museve School was built and opened in 1940 and the first ever Mass said there that year by Fr. Witte from Kabaa accompanied by Gregory Malinga. This was the first mass to be celebrated in Kitui.

In 1952 Museve school got burnt and instead of the school being built on the same site it was relocated to another and the church was constructed on  that site and the faithful started attending  services there. By that time there were only two churches in Kitui; Museve and Mutune.

Since this time, Museve became more famous due to  the growth  of Christians. Many more outstations were started opening up due to high population and great need of spreading the word of God.

When the Late Rt. Rev. Willliam Dunne, First Bishop of Kitui visited Museve Church, he recommended that being a special historical place,  it could be set as a privileged place of prayer.

In regard to this he demarcated one room in the church which was used for prayer and the priests were going for prayers once per month. To date the faithful from Museve attend and organize retreats /recollections regularly.

The idea of establishing a shrine and a special village has been developing for a number of Years. This has been identified as a priority to favour evangelization and growth in Faith, both at Priests meeting and by the Diocesan Pastoral Council.

Sanctuary/Shrine of Our Lady in one of the hills of Kitui. The major reason being that, in order to counteract the recourse to superstitious rites when problems arise, we ought to offer the people solutions where to take those problems. And so the shrine of Mary, our lady of protection, will be a wonderful solution. We have therefore set out to construct a complex of shrine-contemplative monastery-retreat house.

The Christians are contributing for this dream, giving chickens and other items, and also through fundraising. So far we have collected almost 15M shillings. The request: I would be very grateful if you know of any person willing to donate or partner in such a project for our Lady. I would welcome your suggestion or advice, if there are any avenues or individuals who you think can partner on this one. I am thinking not only of Italy but anywhere. We would need about kshs 100M ( €1M )to complete the project, in three phases. Each about 30M (€ 300,000).

Importance of the Shrine

  1. The Shrine will strengthen the faith and bring together the people of Kitui since they will be having regular opportunities of visiting the shrine and pray for their needs and the needs of our Country.
  2. Since our Diocese is under the Patronage of Our Lady of Africa, it will help all faithful of the diocese to become more Marian.
  3. It will provide the adequate setting for the first contemplative sister’s Monastery.
  4. It will come to meet the great Yearning of Our people to channel their devotion to Mary, and materialize their recourse to her. We fly to your protection, Oh holy mother of God.
  5. It will attract more people from other Dioceses and so in return this will strengthen the relationship of our diocese and the other dioceses.

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