The Shrine was officially opened on 25th June 2021 and dedicated under the patronage of Our Lady of Protection

Reasons as to why the shrine was constructed at Museve

  1. The place is ideal, quiet, stands on a hill, and has a very good Scenario for prayer which is given by God.
  2. Museve is accessible by many parishes in our Diocese since it is only 7 kilometers from Kitui town and is at the center of all the other parishes.
  3. This will be a symbolic and historic place for our faithful in Kitui Diocese. It will become a point of reference for our Faith.
  4. It will provide a place with ample space for Big diocesan Celebrations.
  5. It will bring many graces to our Diocese through the intercession of Mary, our Caring Mother.

Importance of the Shrine 

  1. The Shrine will strengthen the faith and bring together the people of Kitui since they will be having regular opportunities of visiting the shrine and pray for their needs and the needs of our Country.
  2. Since our Diocese is under the Patronage of Our Lady of Africa, it will help all faithful of the diocese to become more Marian.
  3. It will provide an adequate setting for the first contemplative sister’s Monastery.
  4. It will come to meet the great Yearning of Our people to channel their devotion to Mary and materialize their recourse to her. “We fly to your protection, Oh holy mother of God…”
  5. It will attract more people from other Dioceses and so in return, this will strengthen the relationship between our diocese and the other dioceses.

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