In a significant move aimed at enhancing the administration and pastoral care within the diocese, the bishop announced several appointments during the one-day priests’ conference, which was held today at Kitui Pastoral Centre. The appointments take effect immediately.

1. REV. FR. DANIEL MUTIA appointed in Board of Consultors also known as the College of Consultors established in accordance with the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church, specifically in Canons 502-504. This role involves providing valuable counsel to the diocesan bishop, ensuring that decisions are well-informed and aligned with the teachings and policies of the Catholic Church.

2. Rev. Fr. Cosmus Ndumbi – Dean of Eastern Deanery.

3. Very Rev. Fr. John Mwandi – Director, Kitui Pastoral Centre Conference

4. Rev. Fr. Benson Katua – Director, Thome Bookshop

5. Rev. Fr. Edward Mulwa -Director, Radio Thome

6. Rev. Fr. Sammy Musili – Moves from Nyumbani village to Christ the King Parish Katutu as a curate.

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