Vicar General’s Office

The office of the Vicar-General is appointed by the Bishop. Currently, the Diocesan Vicar-General is Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Mwongela. He was born on 7th April 1968. He joined St. Mary’s Senior Seminary for spiritual formation in 1989 and later on joined St. Augustine’s Senior seminary in 1990 – 1991 for a bachelor in philosophy. He studies bachelor in theology at St. Thomas Aquinas Senior seminary from 1992 to 1995

He was ordained as a deacon on 1995 and on 7th September 1996 he was ordained as a priest. He has worked in various parishes including 5 In August 2014 he was appointed as the vicar General after Rev. Fr. Robert Mutui was sent to work at the archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis in USA.


Catholic Diocese of Kitui has over 80 priests who are working in the 26 parishes in the Diocese. Right now almost every parish has two priests engaged in pastoral care of the faithful. Normally during priestly formation they undergo Theological, Philosophical, Spiritual and social formation. The priests are diocesan clergy guided by the Spirit as key collaborators with the Bishop. In the parishes, the priests have carried out with dedication pastoral sacramental ministry. They empower the Christians on faith, self-reliance and leadership aspects. They also engage in encouraging the Christians to participate in income generating projects like schools, polytechnics and computer colleges. They are hardworking despite the varsity of parishes they try their best to reach Christians.

In order to promote their solidarity, wellbeing and brotherhood, they have active Kitui chapter for KEDPA (Kenya Diocesan Priests Association), which they meet after every two months. They also have deanery meetings every month to enhance their spiritual growth and pastoral co-operation. Every year they hold Annual General Meeting and annual retreat. They have also conferences and workshops for on going formations. They are united towards spreading the Kingdom of God together with their loving shepherd Rt. Rev. Anthony Muheria.