• Diocesan Secretariat Staff Visit to Kitui Women Prison
  • Tree planting at the new St. John Eudes Rehabilitation Centre site at Syongila
  • Celebrating the Diocesan Youth Mass on 10th December at St. Michael's School for the deaf
  • Some of the youths performing during the Diocesan Youth mass

  • Procession from St. Michael's school for the deaf during the closing of the year of Mercy
  • Christians gather outside the Cathedral during the Closing of the year of Mercy
  • Part of the Catechists present during the Annual Catechists meeting
  • Marking the end of the year of mercy at Our Lady of Africa Kitui
  • Mass wedding at Muthale Parish
  • New Soldiers of Christ from Museve Parish, pose for a group photo with Bishop Muheria after receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation
  • Diocesan Youth walk for Christ
  • Youth actively participate in Diocesan Youth walk held in August
  • Catechists Retreat
  • one of the parishes receiving a present during the Diocesan Family day
  • Bishop Muheria receives contribution from Museve parish during the Diocesan Family day
  • Part of the building at the new site construction for St. John Eudes Rehabilitation centre
  • Primary Premium Program in session at St. Michael Boarding primary school
  • St. Joseph's devotion new members at Kiio Parish
  • PMC festivals
Take care of your relationships with others, transforming your faith into life and your words into good works, especially on behalf of the needy . Happy new Yearr>>> Click here to read Bishops press statement "for the love of our country, work for peace and unity>>>Thank you for your generous contribution during our annual Diocesan Family day celebrations held on 15th October 2016. God bless you>>> Mother Teresa declared a saint before huge crown in Vatican>>>Year of Mercy is an invitation to Love, kindness and unbounded generosity.  Pope Francis is offering you the opportunity to encounter God. Be merciful like the Father>> 
  • Proposed Church to be constructed at Museve Shrine

  • signing of MOU between Catholic Diocese of Kitui and Longhorns Publishers

  • Diocesan Youth walk for Christ

  • Christians gathering outside the Cathedral to mark the end of the year of mercy

  • Distribution of shopping to Catholic Sponsored School students

  • Catholic Sponsored Principals visit to Kitui Prisons

  • Commissioning of Catechists


Peaceful and Credible Elections...  Leaders of Integrity (Lenten Campaign 2017)
The year 2017 is very special for Kenya. It is the election year. We want to go to the polls with the knowledge of what it entails to elect good leaders. It is particularly important because we have now experienced what a devolved system of government is and how we can improve it.
The past four years have been characterised by cries for more responsiblity and accountability from those we have given postions of leadership. there have been a number of attempted impeachments, court cases for alledged misappropriation of funds, outright theft from the public coffers, and the list is long. This is why the theme on responsible leadership is important. We have to be responsible citizens to vote for responsible leaders of integrity...

For us to achieve this, we should be guided by the social teachings of the Church. Even though the Church teaches us to avoid worshipping money, many are the people who will vote only for monetary gains. We should examine the intentions of those who have offered themselves for elections and vote with our conscience and not our stomachs. (See Pope Francis, Evangelium Gaudium 56). Click here to read more

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