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Youth Office

The Diocesan youth Chaplain is Rev. Fr. Paul Mutemi.  He also Coordinates the Youth ministry (in/ Out of school) e.g. Charity days; Workshops; festivals; ballgames etc.  The youth programme in the diocese is designed to help young people get an all-round formation as they grow up.

Senior Youth

For the senior Youth, faith is celebrated through various programmes. These programmes are meant to target various aspects of young people, including, Spiritual/ mental formation, Social/ communal project and Income generating projects

The activities to celebrate this faith include:

  • Workshops/ Seminars (usually one week long at specified times)
  • Youth rallies/ Mass (one full day)
  • Talks (in parishes/ schools)
  • Exposure Programmes (within and without the diocese, locally and Overseas)
  • Retreats/ Recollections
  • Music/Drama festivals
  • Ballgames competitions
  • Participation in Liturgical celebrations
  • Evaluation/ Planning meeting (from station (School); Zone; Parish; Diocese; National Offices)

Youth programmes

Due to the fact that most of the youth members are at home during the vacations (after closing schools in April, August and December) there are various activities planned in the diocese for them.

In April, it is time for balls games, where out-station teams meet at the parish level to play against one another, selecting teams to represent that parish at deanery level, who in turn select their teams to compete at the diocesan level.

Normally, the ball games involved include football (soccer); handball; netball and volleyball. A parish or deanery may include other ball games it deems fit and entertaining. A part from handball (for boys) and net ball (For girls only), other games are represented by both boys and girls teams.

In August, the diocese holds music festival, where choirs from outstations, after competing at the parish level are selected to represent that parish during the diocesan competitions.

During these festivals, these choirs present various articles composed from the given themes by the diocese (or national office, in the case of the National class). The melodies include own original compositions, adaptations of the existing melodies, set pieces, and traditional sacred dances and folksongs. In these festivals, the junior and senior youth articles may be held in the same or different days.

In December, the youth programme has drama festivals, where articles including stage production, poems (in English, Kiswahili or Kamba language) and choral verse speaking are staged, both for junior and senior youth. The Class entries remain the same as in Music festivals.

Apart from these physical programmes, the youth have other programmes that focus on behavioral change; Income generating; vocational discerning; Liturgical participation/ Music; recreational activities such as ball games; Drama; Exposure (within and without the diocese); Leadership skills; spiritual formation (Retreats/ recollections/ catechesis) etc. These are the activities that are held through workshops, rallies and recollections, Youth Masses, exposure visits, evaluation meetings et cetera.