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St. John Eudes relocates to the new site

20 Oct

St. John Eudes relocates to the new site

St. John Eudes centre on  19th  October officially  moved  from Majengo to the new site which is located at Syongila.  They have been living at Majengo for the last 18 years.

The objective of St. John Eudes Rehabilitation centre is to uplift the dignity of boys and  girls who face moral and social challenges.  The centre provides an environment that promotes their wholistic growth in order to build their lives,  attain self-worth and dignity and reclaim their rightful place in the society. it also prepares the children to lead a meaningful lives in future by empowering them with necessary life skills after rehabilitation so as to become independent  and responsible people in the society.

The official opening date will be communicated later.