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St Patricks’ Catholic Parish – Nguni

The Parish is situated in Northern Deanery 115kms from Kitui and on the High way to Garissa 35 kms form Mwingi town. It was begun in 1986 by St. Patrick’s Priest Fr Dennis Onel. Being the first Priest to work in the Parish. It was curved from Mwingi Parish. Now the Parish is headed by Rev. Fr. Francis Kauso

The first majority of the Christians are non Catholic hence the Catholics only composes of a quarter of the number of Christians in the area.The Parish is dedicated under the Patronage of St. Patrick.

The parish has 15 outstations with the furthest station being approximately 50Km from the parish centre. The number of Baptised Christians as per Register 2010 is 1525

The parish has the following active Church arms: C.W.A, Justice and Peace Commission, Parish Council, Finance Council, Youth Group, PMC, CMA, Altar Servers, Sunday school.

Most of the people Christians in the area keep cattle though there is sometimes of drought whereby they all die. When we get some rains which is not determined and enough they grow crops like millet, sorghum, cow peas for their sustenance but not in large scale.

St. Patrick’s Mixed Boarding Primary School and Goat and Sheep project