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Our Lady of Protection parish, Museve

Our Lady of Protection Museve Shrine is located in the county of Kitui 9km from the city of Kitui. On 14/4/1939, Fr Peader of the Holy Ghost fathers came to Museve with one and the only student they had in Kabaa High school from Kitui; Gregory Malinga Kathenge. As a result of the visit, Museve School was built and opened in 1940 and the first ever Mass said there that year by Fr. Witte from Kabaa accompanied by Gregory Malinga. This was the first Mass to be celebrated in Kitui.

In 1952 Museve school got burnt and instead the school being built at the same site was relocated to another and the church was constructed on that site and the faithful started offering services there. By that time there were only two churches in Kitui; Museve and Mutune. Since then Museve became more famous due to the growth of Christians. More vocations were witnessed whereby the first religious sister comes from that place. Many more outstations started opening up due to high population and great need of spreading the word of God.

When the late Bishop William Dunne, first Bishop of Kitui visited Museve church, he recommended that being a special historical place; it could be set as a privileged place for prayers. In regard to this, he demarcated one room in the church which was used for prayers and the priests were going there for prayers once per month. To date the faithful from Museve area, Kitui town attend and organize retreats and recollections regularly. The idea of establishing a Shrine and a special one has been developing for a number of years. This has been identified as a priority to favour evangelization and growth in faith. There are several vocations from the shrine parish: 4 priests, 6 sisters and one brother.

Since the Diocese is under the patronage of our Lady of Africa, it will help all the faithful of the Diocese to become more Marian. The shrine is dedicated to the protection of our Lady Mother of God, hence the shrine Our Lady of Protection Shrine. Construction of Museve Shrine Complex, entitled Our Lady of Protection Shrine will be an Icon of Charity, Faith and care of those in distress, a place for family and beauty of Nature. On 8th December the shrine Parish was solemnly erected by his Lordship Rt. Rev Anthony Muheria and Rev. Fr. Edward Mulwa was appointed as the first parish priest of the shrine parish assisted by Rev. Fr. Peter Muvea. Currently Fr. Edward Mulwa is the Father in charge assisted by Rev. Fr. Boniface Kivuli

Since the erection of the parish as a pivot of the shrine, many spiritual and economic activities are carried out. Celebration of sacraments, retreats, recollections, pilgrimages by young people and catechists. Construction is underway and with help of Mary our Protector, the Graces of God will be witnessed.