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Kamuw’ongo Parish

Christ the King Parish Kamuwongo was started as missionary parish under C.M.I Fathers in Anthony vadakara was the first missionary father. It has 15 stations and 3 more coming up as a prayer group which will be a station soon. Every station has a catechist. So there are 18 catechists. The furthest out station is 48kms from the parish centre with the road towards it being very bad. Main station gets mass everyday and every Sundays. Others get mass once weekly. Three priests, and Franciscan sisters from India are present for school and also hospital. One of the priests works as the Prison/hospital chaplain.

Achievements are that people are very good and are able to open more stations. They contribute very well and more are coming to the church.

Challenges are that stations are too far from each other. Poverty is also evidenced by some people who come to borrow school fees and food. The parish pick up is too old and breaks down most of the times. The motorbike is as well too old and needs some replacement. In addition to that the parish has no pastoral centre as well as a parish hall for holding council meetings and youth seminars. Lastly but not least we also lack a store for storage of parish goods when we get them. Generally what we lack most is the pastoral centre. The parish is headed by Rev. Fr. Joseph Kioko