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“Leadership is not about the display of power, it’s about empowering others” says the education secretary

29 Jan

“Leadership is not about the display of power, it’s about empowering others” says the education secretary

The diocesan Education secretary Rev. Fr. Julius Muthamba has urged all the student leaders to empower other students especially leading by examples and through character formation.

Addressing more than one thousand and seven hundred student leaders from the Catholic Sponsored Secondary school, Kitui County gathered at St. Charles Lwanga School for the annual Student leaders’ conference on 25th January, the education secretary reminded the students that leadership is not about the display of power, it’s about empowering others.

Kennedy Mutisya a guest speaker who is a student from Masai Mara University and an alumni of St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary school, Kalawa encouraged the students to embrace the four cardinal virtues of leadership in their daily undertakings which are temperance, prudence, justice and fortitude. In his topic on leadership in schools, he emphasized on positive influence to other students, character formation, student leaders empowering others, keeping hope of other students alive and finally connecting the students to God. He echoed Education secretary’s words of leading by example as well as nurture other students leadership skills by bringing them on board and fully involving them in the school activities. “Think of producing more leaders than followers and help students to be focused on their visions.” He said.

In her talk; the role of student leader in enhancing excellent performance in school, Mr. Esther Mulwa Principal Kimangao girls emphasized on the importance of instilling ideas, attitude, and habits by persistence instructions.  She urged the teachers to work in harmony in students and parents in a bid to achieve excellent performance.

Speaking in the same occasion, Fr. Julius cautioned the teachers against inviting strangers to talk to the students in their absence. He also condemned the acts of Marie stops Kenya and other organizations doing comprehensive sex education and urged the teachers never to allow them to conduct any function in the school and in case they see them they should report to the nearest education authority.

The education secretary encouraged all to plant trees in schools and also at home in a move to take care of the environment as well as follow the footsteps of Pope Francis. “We are encouraging our school to plant trees in the spirit of Laudato si” He said


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