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Profoturo Program

This is a computer literacy programme funded by ProFuturo Telefónica Spain. It aims at equipping the learners with modern learning technology skills through use of Ipads and Laptops.

The project involves giving laptops and tablets to schools. It covers 17 schools in Kitui County. The aim of the project is to have equal platform of education to basic education.

Over 5000 students have benefited from the programme. The project has given out 1286 tablets, 31 laptops and 31 suitcases to the 17 schools.

The schools include 10 public schools and 7 private schools as follows;

  1. Mutendea primary
  2. Kikanga primary
  3. Kakumi primary
  4. Katheka primary
  5. Ilooi primary
  6. Kaveta primary
  7. Ithiani primary
  8. Kathivo primary
  9. Mulutu primary
  10. Mutune girls’ primary
  11. St. Michael primary
  12. St. Gabriel primary
  13. Hot Courses primary
  14. Gods Glory primary
  15. Good shepherd primary
  16. Bishop Dunne primary
  17. Rosa Mystica primary