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Education Department

This office is headed by Rev. Fr. Julius Muthamba who is the Diocesan Education Secretary.

The education department plays a pivotal role in ensuring that both catholic sponsored and catholic private institutions become centers of excellence and beacons of light. We accomplish this by ensuring that our institutions of learning offer holistic formation to foster good citizenry and common good.

Our operations in the catholic public sponsored institutions are anchored in the provision of education act 2013 section 27(a – e).

The diocese has gone beyond what government asks sponsor to do in schools to provide humanitarian interventions during the time of drought and famine as well as doing routine capacity building to all school stakeholders.

Currently we have 283 catholic sponsored primary schools, 115 catholic sponsored secondary schools, one junior major seminary, 18 private primary schools, 15 private polytechnics and three middle level college.

In effort to improve access and retention in schools, we have a sponsorship program. The aim of this program is to enable children from poor backgrounds to access education and transform their lives and their families. This year we have given a total of 663 full scholarships to students, 499 in secondary schools, 83 in tertiary institutions and 81 in primary schools. We are currently implementing ICT program in 17 primary schools which involve provision of laptops and tablets to enhance ICT literacy. The Catholic Church has made immense contributions in infrastructural development in schools in Kitui county to promote education of our people.

The following are its purposes:

  1. To review the present position of education in the Diocese of Kitui especially with regard to the teaching both primary and secondary schools. Making concrete suggestions on what changes may be necessary in order to make it effective.
  2. Monitoring implementation of the policies decided on and to recommend how various groups/individuals concerning with education throughout the diocese of Kitui can be best encouraged or assisted in fulfillment of their responsibilities
  3. To provide guidance and help to the education secretary in decision making on his general programme of work by advising him on any special administrative difficulties that may arise.

The department has the following programs

Primary Premium Program (not active)

Sponsorship Program   (Not active)

Profoturo Programm