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Diocesan Education day celebrations

08 Jul

Diocesan Education day celebrations

Hon Lady Justice Philomena Mbete Mwilu has warned the students on the consequences of sex and requested them to completely abstain from sex and leave it to the married people.  She said it’s not too late to change for those who might have derailed, and wished to see them respecting their bodies for they are the temple of the Holy Spirit.

Speaking during the Diocesan annual education day celebration which was held on 6th July and Thitani Girls secondary where she was the chief guest, the deputy chief justice said Education is the Equalizer to the low and Mighty in our Society today. She asked students to put God at the first place in their lives. “Always PUSH and PUSH to God until something happens,” she added.

She too called upon the learners in Ukambani to embrace use of Education which is the only cash crop available in the dry area that should be relied on effectively. She cautioned the learners on the choices they make at this age, for every choice has got its consequences. Urged them to choose wisely on morality in their lives as youths.

The deputy chief justice also gave a stun warning to the male teachers who have  the tendency of sexually harassing the students saying that if caught the sexual offence can attract 15 years imprisonment an if caught with a minor it will automatically become a life sentence. She cautioned the girls to learn to say NO to such behavior and even report them to Principals in schools.

Most Rev. Anthony Muheria was the main Eucharistic celebrant encouraged the students to avoid  trash in their lives as youth and always to seize doing sin for the devil doesn’t want one to produce fruits of the Holy Spirit such as gentleness, Chastity, honesty, generosity and the like.

The Arch Bishop on the theme challenged both teachers, students and stakeholders to pray to God to open the eyes of their Hearts so as to see God. He asked Christians to have Tribal blindness, Religious blindness, ethnic blindness, colour blindness for its then that we may see God in others. “Let’s embrace national unity in our institutions and areas of work to finish the leprosy which has attacked our country, let’s love one another.” He said.

“The Catholic Church has ensured that there is consistent provision of pastoral care in all catholic schools as well as other schools which are not catholic sponsored. Academic excellence and character formation in our institutions have remained our key focus. In 2017 KCSE results, the first top four schools in Kitui county which were St. Charles Lwanga School, Muthale Girls,, St. Angela’s girls and Kimangao Girls are all catholic sponsored. We equally produced the best primary school in KCPE 2017 which is St. Michael boarding primary school with a mean score of 378.6, St. Francis primary school Kamuwongo and St. Gabriel boarding primary school Mwingi which are all catholic private schools were among the top ten primary schools in Kitui County.” Said Rev. Fr. Julius Muthamba, the diocesan education secretary.

“In an effort to improve access and retention in schools, we have a sponsorship program. The aim of this program is to enable children from poor backgrounds to access education and transform their lives and their families. This year we have given a total of 663 full scholarships to students, 499 in secondary schools, 83 in tertiary institutions and 81 in primary schools. In the last ten years, the diocese has spent 228,236,931 Kenya shillings in payment of school fees to students in different institutions of learning. We are currently implementing ICT program in 17 primary schools which involve provision of laptops and tablets to enhance ICT literacy. The Catholic Church has made immense contributions in infrastructural development in schools in Kitui county to promote education of our people.”  He added.

The education secretary also echoed the words of the Deputy chief justice and urged all the stakeholders to concert their efforts to ensure safety of children in and out of the schools.

Currently the Diocese has 283 Catholic Sponsored primary schools, 115 catholic sponsored secondary schools, one Junior seminary, 18 private primary schools, 15 private polytechnics and three middle level colleges.

Among those who graced the occasion were Ms. Augusta Muthigani, the National Education Secretary (KCCB), Fr. Francis Education Secretary Machakos Diocese, Mr. Kariuki the TSC Sub county Director, Madam Julia County Director of Education, the assistant sub county commissioner among others.


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