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Chrism Mass

29 Mar

Chrism Mass


The Chrism Mass is the largest diocesan celebration held during the year. In this liturgy priests and people gather with the bishop for the blessing of the holy oils that will be used in parishes in the coming year – the oil of the sick, the oil of Catechumens and the oil of Chrism, from which the Mass receives its name.



The Chrism Mass provides us with a moment to gather as a diocese – bishop, priests and people – to support and pray for one another, to remember and pray for the people of our diocese and beyond.

Clergy, religious, the laity and Archbishop of Nyeri, Most Rev. Anthony Muheria who is also the apostolic administrator of Kitui & Machakos Dioceses gathered at the cathedral of Our Lady of Africa Kitui on Wednesday 28th March 2018 to celebrate the Chrism Mass. This was to offer priests an opportunity to travel back to their respective parishes and celebrate Holy Thursday mysteries for the Christians.

In his homily, Archbishop Muheria has called on the Christians to pray for the priests and at the same time assist them to be faithful to the calling they have received. He further asked the priests to observe the seven pillars given out by Pope Francis which will assist them in their daily pastoral undertakings as well as guide them in the priestly vocation. The pillars are as follows:

  1. The Strength of a priest depends on his relationship with God
  2. Just as he must be close to Christ so the priest must be close to the people he serves
  3. A Priests authority must be linked to service, especially to the care and protection of the poorest, weakest, the least important and most easily forgotten.
  4. The priest must be a minister of mercy
  5. The Priest is called to a simplicity of life.
  6. The Priest must be a model of integrity
  7. The priest is to be a source of blessing for his people.



While the Oil of the Sick, used for those who seek the anointing, and the Oil of the Catechumens, used for those preparing for baptism, are simply “blessed,” the Sacred Chrism is “consecrated”. All the priests present participate in the latter moment by extending their hands toward the vessel containing it as the bishop says the prayer of consecration.

The Oil of Chrism is used at baptisms, confirmations, the ordination of priests and bishops, the consecration of altars and the blessing of churches, where the walls are smeared with it in the shape of the sign of the cross.

As part of the consecration of the Chrism, balsam is poured into the oil, which gives it a sweet smell intended to remind those who encounter it of the “odour of sanctity” to which those people and things who are marked with it, and by extension all of us, are called to strive for.


The Chrism Mass also provides an opportunity for the priests of the diocese to renew the vows they first made at their ordination. As a group of ministers gathered with members of the faithful of the diocese they make their public commitment to the service of God, the Church and its people once more. The people in turn offer their prayerful support of their priests.





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