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Celebrating the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord at Kavisuni Parish.

10 Jan

Celebrating the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord at Kavisuni Parish.

Kavisuni Parish lies in the Southern part of the Diocese of Kitui and it has an upcoming parish; Kwa Kilui which is currently under construction.

The Holy mass was celebrated by His Lordship Rt. Rev. Joseph Mwongela assisted by Rev. Frs. Joseph Nzelu and John Kivosyo.

In his homily, the Bishop cautioned the youth against involving themselves in activities/behaviours which might ruin their lives in future. He challenged them to be obedient and ensure that they make their parents happy all the time simply because once the parents are happy automatically they will receive blessings. “It will be my happiness even in my old age to see the youth positively changing the lives of their parents ” he said.

The bishop urged those who have responded to the call of family life to emulate the Holy family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus by embracing faithfulness, Love, peace and understanding in their daily activities.

Fr. Joseph Nzelu, who is the father in charge promised that together with the Kavisuni faithful they will continue supporting the Bishop in his pastoral work and ensure that he achieves his goal of making Kitui a self reliant and empowered Diocese.

Addressing the congregation after the Mass, the bishop urged all to pray to God so that each one of us may take good care of various vocations which we have responded to.

He also expressed his desire of seeing more young boys responding to the call of priesthood. He encouraged the parents to always support their children when they express their interest of joining priesthood.

He also talked about self reliance and appreciated all for their dedication in ensuring that the Diocese of Kitui makes a greater milestone of self reliance. “Let self reliance start with you before you embark on supporting other activities,” “once the families are strong, the church will also be strong.” he added.

Bishop Mwongela also blessed different church groups and categories as he did during his episcopal ordination.

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