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Catholic Teachers celebrates their annual Mass.

22 Oct

Catholic Teachers celebrates their annual Mass.

Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Mwongela has requested all the teachers to be strong in prayers and lead by examples in a bid to mold the students and pupils to be good future leaders who can be entrusted with various responsibilities without any doubt on their capability.

He spoke this during the annual Catholic Teachers mass on 21/10/2018 at Kitui Pastoral Centre which brought together more than four hundred Catholic Teachers from both Catholic and non-Catholic sponsored schools whose main theme was strengthening teachers’ families to enhance service to the young people.

The Vicar general also requested the teachers to be role models to the students and pupils and ensure that they perform well in the exams and be disciplined.

“Pray for your families to have peace, love one another and through this you will bring up your children in a Godly way and extend the same love to the children who are entrusted under your care.” The vicar General also urged the teachers.

Speaking during the same occasion, Rev. Fr. Julius Muthamba, the diocesan Education Secretary appreciated the teachers for their tireless efforts in ensuring that the students and pupils perform well in the National examinations as well as remain disciplined and focused in their life and studies.

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