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27 Feb


The Church Through Her Shepherds Has Spoken Loudly About the Lives of the Kenyans

The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has in this Lenten season been very practical to the current situation of the Kenyan community entrusted to them. The glaring situation in our country is that of mistrust and political instability aggravated by the concluded general elections and its aftermath. It has to be agreed that the country plunged into uncertainties especially from lawsuits which accrued from the elections.

The church had prepared the citizens long time ago for peaceful elections, for instance last year’s theme has been, Peaceful and Credible Elections Leaders of Integrity. She earnestly journeyed with her flock during and after the day of voting. The results have been seriously divisive on tribal lines, religion and region therefore the church through her able shepherds have chosen another practical theme in this year’s Lenten Campaign; Reconciliation for Peaceful Co-existence and National integration- Justice for All.

Most Rev. Martin Kivuva of Mombasa archdiocese and the current chairman of Catholic Justice and Peace commission while introducing the Lenten campaign 2018, noted that, “it is no longer secret that we need to reconcile with one another … we are in dire need of restoration of friendly relations or re-establishing of cordial relations among Kenyan communities.”

This year’s Lenten campaign was launched in Kisumu archdiocese on February 10, 2018 which was attended by enormous number of lay faithful, host of priests and religious sisters and brothers. It was also graced by several members of the KCCB led by Most. Rev. Martin kivuva, the chairman – CPJC, the host, archbishop Zacchaeus Okoth, Rt. Rev. Phillip Anyolo, the chairman of KCCB and Rt. Rev Joseph Mbatia.

During Lenten Campaign program the church’s role on the social nature of every community becomes crystal-clear. The church doesn’t tire to acclaim with dedication that which she has claimed for ages; the Social teachings of the Catholic church. She meticulously educates the conscience of her faithful (CCC, 1771) and challenges the society to have within their scope right values in social, economic and political spectrum.

Many governmental and non-governmental organizations may fear to approach the truth as it is or they may be easily compromised but it remains an unbent role of the church to teach and expose with truth the social evils crippling the society. The church in her approach to society she hinges her teaching through fundamental values of; Truth, Freedom, Justice and the way of love.

It is in this note that the church through Catholic Peace and Justice Commission (CPJC) has handed over the Lenten handbook which is structured into five (5) weeks of reflection spanning throughout this lent, within which different relevant topics deeply besetting our country are deeply analyzed, these topics range from; good governance, reconciliation, Youth and development, security and child protection. Through this reflections on real life situations, the church walks closely with her children in their journey of faith.

Compiled by seminarian Antony Muema.

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