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Call to Respect Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Kenyans

07 Feb

Call to Respect Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Kenyans

Press Statement

Call to Respect Fundamental Rights and Freedoms of Kenyans

We, the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, are saddened by the events that we are currently witnessing in our country. As a Church whose mandate is to promote justice and peace, we are categorically concerned with acts of both the government and the opposition that are unconstitutional and a bridge to law and order.

We wish to categorically state that shutting down of the media houses, does not augur well for the freedom of expression and press in the Country. This is in itself is retrogressive and deliberate effort toward eroding the positive steps the Country and her people have laid down in the Constitution as a social contract.

We therefore wish to state as follows:
THAT the rights provided for in the Constitution and in the various International instruments ratified by the Kenyan Government guarantee responsible and press freedom.

THAT the freedom and independence of electronic, print and all other types of media is guaranteed in the Constitution of Kenya Article 34.

THAT journalists and media establishments have a duty to inform and educate the public and the public has a right to receive information in a secure environment which the state ought to provide.

THAT Kenya has an Authority (Communications Authority of Kenya), established by law (Kenya Information and Communication Act No.2 of 1998) which, shall be independent and free of control by government, political or commercial interests in the exercise of its powers and

THAT in fulfilling its mandate, the Authority shall be guided by the national values and principles of governance in Article 10 and the values and principles of public service in Article 232(1) of the Constitution.

THAT both opposition and the government should desist from any acts that can incite the public and cause deeper divisions among the people of Kenya and the Country at large.

THAT no state agency or individual is above the law and all should act within the law.

We therefore, call upon all state agencies and all duty bearers to respect and adhere to the tenets and spirit of the Constitution, respect human rights and the fundamental freedoms.

As Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops, we are committed and ready with the process of national dialogue that can resolve the problems that our Country is facing today. We must realize that no development can take place without peace. We call upon all Kenyans to join us as we launch our 2018 Lenten Campaign on 10th February in Kisumu Archdiocese whose theme is ”Reconciliation for Peaceful Co-existence and National Integration… Justice for All” 

May we dwell in Unity, Peace and Liberty, God bless Kenya.

Signed By

Rt. Rev. Philip Anyolo
Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops

Dated: February 2nd, 2018.

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