Development Department

Sustenance, Innovation and Transformation!

Caritas Kitui

We are the Social and Development arm of the Catholic Diocese of Kitui and we are charged with the mandate of pastoral action. We aim at integral human development and social transformation advocating for a more just society with participation of those affected and our actions are geared towards Sustenance, Innovation and Transformation.

Kitui County is classified as an ASAL (Arid and Semi-Arid Lands).However; it is blessed with wonderful sceneries as well as unexploited mineral deposits in some areas. Years of little public investment by the government has made this potential area become poorer and poorer with the poverty level currently standing at 45.9%.

The challenges faced by the community include food insecurity, lack of adequate and clean water, poor hygiene and sanitation, deforestation in search for firewood and charcoal, under development in agriculture, little options for livelihoods, low women participation in governance and economic development and underdeveloped transport and communication infrastructure. Like in many other counties in the country HIV/AIDS remains a key contributor to poverty.

In both small and big ways Caritas Kitui strives to mitigate against the aforementioned challenges through various partners and friends by providing home grown solutions for communities in various efforts such as capacity building exercises for communities, improvement of livelihoods e.g. upgrading of small livestock, provision of water structures, advocacy for good governance practices and transparency and accountability for public funds.

Caritas Kitui is also extensively involved in humanitarian assistance within Kitui County.

The mandate of Caritas Kitui is defined in its Vision and Mission:


A self sustained community of persons transformed through integral development in witness of Christ.


We exist to promote collaborative, impartial and integral development to achieve a self-sustainable community of persons in witness of Christ.

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