Be icons of hope to our youth, Vicar General urges teachers

23 Oct

Be icons of hope to our youth, Vicar General urges teachers

The Vicar General, Very Rev. Fr. Joseph Mwongela has urged all the catholic teachers to be icons of hope to the youth by embracing their professionalism with integrity as well as showing them love which will strengthen their faith in God and lives.

Addressing more than four hundred Catholic teachers from Kitui county congregated at the Kitui Pastoral Centre, he urged teachers to be like Cyrus who was called by God to go and free His children in captive. “Our children are in different kinds of captive and it is only the teachers who can enslave them since they spend most of the time with the children,” he said.” You must leave learners better than you found them in the schools,” He added.

He also said that teachers are known to understand everything by learners, so they must give all that belongs to them. Learners have a right to Hope from the teachers. They may be turned from uselessness to usefulness when they leave school.

Hope springs eternal, may our schools be springs of hope and transform their leaners. He waged teachers not to scandalize the learners, to be pillars of hope to them but act and arise above levels that are to be imposed in them.

The event commenced with Holy Eucharistic Mass celebrated by Fr. Joseph Mwongela and concelebrated by Fr. Julius Muthamba Education Secretary and Fr. Andrew Nzule, Chaplain St. Charles Lwanga.