2017 Youth Music Festivals Themes


Set piece                     : Peaceful election for peaceful kenya

Own composition    : Pope’s message to the youth at Kasarani

Adaptation                : Role of the youth in the Church


Set piece                    : Leaders of Integrity

Own Composition    : Ethnicity (Ukabila)

Adaption                    : the dignity of marriage as a Sacrament.


Set piece                    : the extemporary life of St. Mother Teresa

Own composition    : Youth challenges in modern world

Adaptation                : Ethnicity


Set piece                    : funeral song (Christ is the life and resurrection)

Own Composition    : Corporal works of mercy.

Folk song                   : corruption


Set piece                    : Tuikuia hostiani cf. Klisto thayu witu

Own composition    : Etiquette in the church.

Folksong                    : A song to praise Blessed Virgin Mary


  1. Members eligible for participation in these music festivals are youth aged between 12 – 35 years. Teams with overaged participants will be disqualified.
  2. Set Piece: All the set pieces will be in Kiswahili. The time allocated for each is 4minutes.
  3. Own Composition: Own Compositions for Class A special, A plain and B will be in Kiswahili while for Class C and D will be in Kamba Language.
  4. Own compositions in Class A special, A plain and B should be in STAFF NOTATION while classes C and D should be in SOL-FA NOTATION.
  5. Adaptation: It should be an adaptation and arrangement of an African melody and should be in Kikamba. Must be in STAFF NOTATION and should be 4-5 minutes long.
  6. Folk Song: these should be in kamba 4-5minutes. There should be a synopsis of the folksong and must be in